Professional Counsel on Child Custody, Child Adoption, Divorce, DUI, Criminal Law, & Estate Planning

A native of Aiken with 25 years’ experience as an attorney, Brian Katonak has extensive legal knowledge to help you with your legal issues. After serving as a state prosecutor for 7 years, Brian has had his own law office since 1999. Whether you need help with a divorce, adoption, child custody, criminal matter, or DUI, Brian will make sure your legal rights are taken care of.

Your legal problem is the most important thing to you. Brian understands this, and will make sure that you are a priority to him.

After 18 years of practicing law, Brian Katonak believes it is important for his clients to understand the legal process and their rights.   To achieve, Brian has made a series of videos to give you a basic understanding of the law in different areas of the law.  Currently, there are videos on divorce, adoption, criminal laws, and Wills and Trust.   Check back for other videos that are forthcoming.

Additionally, Brian Katonak posts a blog on the Facebook page for his law office that provides valuable legal information for you.

Areas of Practice

Family Law:  Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption, Child Support

Criminal Law:  All felonies and misdemeanors, DUI and DUS

Estate Planning:  Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorneys

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Phone: (803) 644-5535

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New Book by Brian Katonak

In doing hundreds of divorces, Brian Katonak has too often seen that his clients do not behave as they should and do not understand that their actions have serious consequences.   Due to this fact, Brian has written a book, “Divorce for the Christian: A Guide from a Lawyer.”   If you or someone you know is going through a divorce, then this book will be a valuable source for you.